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About Us

Who we are

Intime Technologies is a part of the network of technology solution companies started by former business executives and technologists. Each company has industry and technology specialization, which provides our customers with a unique entry point that fits their particular industry and business opportunity.

Where are we located?

IntimeTech (Intime Technologies, Inc) is based in New York. Partner companies, and senior management and business resources are located primarily in US and Western Europe. Near-shoring resources are located in Eastern Europe. Off-shoring resources are located in India.

Who are our customers?

We work primarily with large and medium size international companies.


Financial and Sales Reporting

We delivered mobile and web reporting dashboards used by financial and business executives.

Digital Asset management

Develop and support components supporting digital value chains for media companies.

Cloud migration and operations

We help clients to analyse, develop and execute plans for migration to cloud or mixed-cloud datacenters.

Global team efficiency

Our core team specializes in setup of processes and tools to ensure that global IT teams can deliver in an efficient and predictable manner.


Software Development & QA

Enterprise, Mobile, Web, API

Large scale data analysis and processing

QA & QA Automation

Operations, Processes and Support

Cloud operations, Security compliance

Project processes and workflows

Agile, Scrum, Canban

Jira, Confluence, Service Desk administration


Business & Management

With years of global project management experience, and understanding of business and budgeting aspects of large and small organizations, our management team can help breach gap between business and IT teams.
Members of our management team held executive roles in medium companies, and Director and VP level roles in large corporations.

Software Development

Our agile cross-functional dev team specializes in mobile, Web 2.0 applications, data management and analysis, system interfaces, middleware and db development as parts of overall business systems development.
Our team can work standalone, or can augment your development teams. We can split, expend or contract team size with a fairly short notice as your situation and requirements dictate.

Quality Assurance

Our QA team is a crucial part of the delivery and project execution process, and ensures that customer requirements implemented precisely. In addition to manual controls, QA team focuses on automation as critical part of continuous integration, as well as support processes.
Our QA and DevOps teams can setup tools required for continuous integration, as well as system status reporting.

DevOps & CloudOps

Our DevOps and CloudOps team provides end-to-end setup and support of production and development environments. Validate infrastrcture security compliance in internal datacenters as well as Cloud environments. We specialize in AWS setup, but have experience with other Cloud providers.



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